Wood: Beech wood
Chair size:
cm H 99 - Hs 47 - P 59 - L 49
Pieces per box: 2 x box
Volume box: m3 0,35
Consumption:mt 2,00 in,40


Modern and classic chair in beech wood ; the type of wood color you can order it in various versions : the standard colors ( such as walnut , wenge , natural , etc . ) to the lacquered colors and aniline of various colors .
High-backed chair ; very comfortable thanks to a good stuffing with the use of tires and tissues only MADE IN ITALY .
Chair suitable for meeting rooms and catering weddings thanks to the removable cover , along with side openings on the skirt and the big bow behind . The dress is easy to clean thanks to the use of materials characterized by treating Sanfor .
The chair can be upholstered with the fabric of the customer , which is to give mt.2,00 height from mt.1,40 chair .
legs and feet pads slip pvc applicable at the factory .