Fedele srl chairs manufacturer in Manzano

The strength of our company is to complete domestic production : purchase items from companies with FSC certification , processing and assembly elements , paint , upholstery , packaging and shipping of the finished product , everything is done within our factory . Our proven experience is what lends our brand in terms of reliability , availability and flexibility of production , but the quality is the feature that really sets us apart in the market , namely : wood we choose ; the cure of the processing for all the productive cycle ; refined details ; our service , based on the speed and availability of our staff in meeting the needs of our customers .

The entrepreneurial spirit of its founders , transformed a small craft business in an industry that in the nineties began the first exports abroad . Subsequently, the company invests in new machinery and technology, increasing its production capacity to meet growing market demand so quickly assuming the characteristics of a modern and technologically advanced industry with great attention to quality.

With his creativity, experience, passion and great care that the company engages in the various stages of wood processing, is able to offer a quality product with guaranteed durability. The company Fedele srl is always ready to meet customer needs, because in addition to its products is able to produce on the customer’s sample, in different types of wood from the most common to beech ash, do all kinds of painting on wood , such as pickled, old paint, aniline and also sample colors. We can also customize the chairs using the colors and fabrics of customers, guaranteeing quality and delivery times.

All components of our products are designed, developed and manufactured exclusively in Italy, with all the guarantees of our brand. Our kind offer customers the opportunity to choose, at the factory and without intermediaries, our products. Our customers, whether it be a bar, a hotel, a restaurant, a community, a catering service, can visit our display products housed in our factory.